What time is it?

small_method.jpgПомню, как в детстве на вопрос взрослых "Сколько времени?" я долго отвечала: "Маленькая стрелочка показывает на ..., а большая - на...". Научить ребёнка определять время по часам может стать настоящей проблемой, если не уделить ей должного внимания.

Number Rhyme

clock_0.jpgThere are various number rhymes which can help your child with different mathematical aspects. One of my favourite rhymes is about a big clock.

Getting Things Done

Clock-2_0.JPGIt has always been difficult for children to grasp the concept of time. Time is abstract and intangible. It seems to have nothing to do with everyday activities. But parents keep looking at clocks and watches and insist on getting things done. Done on time.