Blog Entry or Story?

Having become a blogger, I was surprised to find myself interested in such a thing as writing. I came to believe that inside every blogger there is a writer.

When you come to think of it, a blog entry is like a story in many ways. As a blog author first of all I have to form an idea of what I'm going to write about, then develop it, trying to keep my entry quite short. Like a story, a blog entry has to have its readers, without whom it can't be complete and whose comments add very much to its appeal.

Therefore, in order to develop one's mastership as a blogger, one can learn both from successful bloggers and writers. Having come to this conclusion, I started to search the web.

It was definitely my day! I came across very useful tips from a full-time blogger and part-time freelance writer. Here is what Razib Ahmed writes about himself: "I started my career as a University teacher of English language but then I realized that I wanted to be a writer. In the end, I became a professional blogger." In his blog the author describes his 7,5-year-old blogging experience. Despite the fact that the blog is not being updated now, it is definitely worth a visit.

I'm also happy to have come across a wonderful blog How to Write a Short Story by Deborah Nelson containing short story lessons for the beginning writer. What I like about her blog is that the author keeps her entries short and up to the point. One can find there the essentials of writing, without any "water". I'm very sorry that the author doesn't seem to update her blog any more. If she did, I'd be happy to subscribe to it.

Surfing through other blogs held in store another surprise for me. Thanks to this entry on Eden Glenn's Blog, I found out that a story is the core of one's future novel. By the way, the post made many things clear to me. I learned the difference between the plot, the theme and the story itself. What's more I got acquainted with a very useful exercise of describing a story in 25 words or less. Well, I haven't actually thought of writing a novel.But after reading such a post a small hope began to creep into my mind: and why not, after all?

edenglenn аватар

Hi Olga. Interesting blog subject today. I will add that the creative process is unique to each individual. Whereas, some writers will think up a story and create characters as actors to carry out their plot. Other writers begin with impressions of personalities and individuals. Not unlike people watching at the mall or the airport. In this creative process authors think about these characters and the story unfolds.

Happy writing

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Hello, Eden. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the inspiration! Your words about watching people reminded me that the process of creating characters is very well described in “A Writer’s Notebook” by W. S. Maugham. According to the author, his characters always come from real life.

Светлана ММ аватар

As I see you want to write your entries not juast leading by your inspiration, but to follow some tips and secrets of professional writers. I think it's wright way, and I need to find out something like that for yourself. I've never thought about this before. Thank you!

admin Olga-ekb аватар

You're welcome, Svetlana. Glad to see you here!
I didn't mean to say that I'm going to write my entries following writers' tips. It just occured to me that blog entries are not so much unlike stories as it might seem at first glance. And there is a chance for every blogger to become a writer. Happy Inspired by this thought, I've written my first story called "Tights" (you can find it in "Short Stories").

Lingvaroom аватар

I'd like to share with you the link to, I suppose, the most popular blog about blogging in the world -
This is about not only writing but the whole proccess of blogging.
I found it very interesting so I think it's worth to take a look.

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Thank you, Yulia! I’ve just given the blog a swift glance but I like it already.

Amy аватар

This is a great post, Olga. I never, ever thought about writing a novel until I started a blog. It's funny how one thing leads to another... Happy
And, Problogger is my favorite blogging site. If you have a question, there is a really good chance that the answer is on there!

admin Olga-ekb аватар

I’m glad you like the post, Amy. Agree with you about ProBlogger, I’ve grown to enjoy it too. Happy