My Black Sea

I love water. Which is no wonder for I was born under the Cancer zodiac sign. It makes me feel calm, relaxed and in peace with myself. The proximity of a river, lake and especially sea brings comfort to my life. As to an ocean, I have never seen one.

My first acquaintance with sea took place when I was five years old. I was an sickly child and my mother took me to the Black Sea following my therapist's recommendations. Although our stay there lasted no more than 24 hours - for the climate disagreed with me, I felt bad and we had to fly away as soon as possible - I fell in love with the sea forever.

My second trip didn't take place until years later. I was a student at the time and spent the summer after my first year of studies travelling. First I went to St. Petersburg and then to the sea. Getting off the train I couldn't help feeling nervous because I wasn't sure how the sea was going to accept me this time. But when I saw it, so huge and tender, I knew immediately everything would go well. And it did.

Soon I learned that the sea can be different. On a sunny day it is blue and still:


and sparkling:


Further away from the shore it is nearly green:


On a gloomy day it can be grey:


and stormy:


But most often it is caressing:


and inviting:


Then other trips followed. I have stayed by the sea with my mother and sister, with my friends, with my husband and with my two-year old daughter. I have travelled there by plane, by train and by car. I have seen all the seashore from Novorossiysk to Sochi.


My favourite town on the whole seashore is Gelendzhik. I love it for its flower abundance, dry climate, sand beaches and mountains, waterfalls and dolmens.

It is famous for its cable car lines:


Here is the view over the town that opens from the mountain top:


But my favourite place in Gelendzhik is its embankment that stretches all along the town:


On one side there are cafes and souvenir shops and on the other splashes the sea:




Gelendzhik is always clean, tidy and welcoming:


and full of sunshine and bloom:


Ariana@Pearl's twirl аватар

Olga, you made my heart ache!!! I love, love Black Sea. Your pictures are so vivid!!! The view of Gelenjik is gorgeous!!!
Growing up in Moldova we only lived 3 hours away from Odessa, so all my Summers were on the sea at camps.
I absolutely loved it. Just like you I was a sick child and by our doctor's advise I was taken to the sea at the age of 1 and since that time I was at the sea every year until I was 17 years old. I grew up with the thought that the sea heals everything and now a mother myself I tried to take my kids to Mexico every year to swim at the ocean and to breathe the ocean air. I loved this post and it makes me very nostalgic. Thank you!!!!

admin Olga-ekb аватар

I’m glad you liked the post, Ariana! I’ve never been to Odessa but I’ve also had a chance to make sure that sea heals everything: last summer we took our two-year old daughter to the sea for the first time and after that she hasn’t had a single cold for nearly a year.

chicaandaluza аватар

A beautiful post and beautiful photos. The sea is so healing - the sound, the water, the waves. I?m so glad your initial feelings about the sea changed and that you can now enjoy it.

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Thank you, Tanya!

comingeast аватар

I love how you described and photographed the sea in all its moods. Fantastic idea! Where is that town of Gelendzhik located? The Black Sea is so big, it is just like looking at an ocean.

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Glad to see you, Susan. Happy If you look at the map closely, you will see a small bay between Novorossiysk and Tuapse, it is exactly where Gelendzhik is situated.

Beverley аватар

I loved all your pics of the various moods the sea offers Happy Gelendzhik looks like a lovely place and yes it is very clean and neat looking!

Having grown up by the ocean it never seemed 'special' - it was normal for me - until I met someone one day at the beach who was seeing it for the first time. Their sense of wonder was amazing, the feeling for them was was very touching to see Happy

admin Olga-ekb аватар

I wonder how it feels to grow up by the ocean…

Cindy Eve аватар

looks wonderful Olga. I love how you have described the sea. I cant believe you have never seen the ocean? wow. we grew up surrounded by oceans and I had never seen a sea till I flew to ireland in 2001. Happy How about that. My best experience of a 'sea' was the Baltic Sea when I visited Italy. I didnt realise it was the Baltic till after I got back to London and then I got all excited coz we had learned about the Baltic when i was in school, as we did about all the seas in the world. the photos of the town look like Cape amazing! x

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Cape Town? Very interesting! Happy

It is true that I haven’t seen an ocean. I could have seen the Indian ocean during my stay in India, but we stayed too far away from it. Sad

Cameron Brooks аватар

Just beautiful, Olga. The ocean cleanses the soul, and it seems lakes do too.

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Thank you, Cameron! It’s nice to see you here. Happy

nataliigromaster аватар

the sea is lovely! английского не знаю, но у меня есть переводчик:)