Our favourite books about school

the kissing hand_1_0_0.jpgПоздравляю всех, кто связан со школой, с новым учебным годом! Хотите узнать, какие книги о школе можно прочитать вместе с детьми? Я расскажу вам о тех книгах, которые мы уже прочитали.

What are you reading now?

What Your Birthday Reveals About You_1_0.jpgDo you like to read books which tell you something about your personality? I do. In fact, I am reading a book like that right now.

On expressive vocabulary of bilingual toddlers: Influence of reading and TV.

The frequency of being read to in each language was related positively with expressive vocabulary size in the same language. The frequency of watching television was not related significantly to vocabulary size in either language.