What are you reading now?

I am reading a fun book right now and enjoy myself a lot. The book is called "What your birthday reveals about you". I don't like horoscopes, but it is always interesting for me to read about character traits of people I know and see how accurate the description is. So here is the extract from the book about people who were born on the 13th of September. I am one of them. It is 99% about me. So I thought that it is so much fun, that I will use that book with my students, it will help them to start talking about themselves and also get to know their groupmates.

September 13

The ambitious virgin born on this day has an in?nite capacity for hard work. Structure and order are the touchstones of your existence. Leaving nothing to chance, you formulate your plans carefully and carry them out with precision and ef?ciency. Your realistic view of life gives you great respect for wealth, status, and other manifestations of worldly accomplishment. Yet despite your preoccupation with practical problems, humanitarian concerns loom large in your mind. You are charitable and caring, with a compelling need to serve society in some meaningful way.

Those celebrating birthdays on September 13 possess a strong sense of purpose and an indomitable will that keeps them going long after others have run out of steam. Although you may have to overcome many obstacles on your way to the top, the ultimate outcome is never really in
doubt. Others may think that luck or magical powers are somehow responsible for your
good fortune. However, it’s actually your persistence and dedication, not luck, that is the
basis of your success.

As a lover or friend, you’re extremely loyal and totally dependable. Because of your workaholic tendencies, you may appear less interested in love and romance than you really are. When you let yourself relax and follow your emotions, you make an extremely thoughtful, kind, and considerate mate or partner.

I am not really on my way to the top as I am not climbing a carreer ladder. But I can say that I try to grow as much as I can and every year I learn new skills. So I am on my way to the top of my personal and professional growth. Even though I respect people who earn degrees and get promoted, I never wanted to be one of them. Most of my life I earned money by doing what I enjoyed doing.

My sister was born on the 2nd of September and her character has nothing in common with mine. I often wondered why she was so different and so sweet if we had the same parents. So I couldn't help smiling when I read about her.

Because of your ability to get people to like you, you succeed in life without taking aggressive action. In fact, you’re living proof of that old saw about catching more ?ies with honey than vinegar.

Oh, I was vinegar in my family, often aggressive, straightforward and outspoken. And my sister gets what she wants not by fighting but by compromising.

So what do you think? Are you interested to know what the book has to say about you? Send me a PM with your e-mail and have fun!

P.S. By the way, what are you reading now?

What are you reading now?
admin Olga-ekb аватар

Oh, I'm extremely interested in all sorts of predictions - especially when they are so accurate as this! When I was a schoolgirl, I used to study horoscopes quite in depth. I also read books on handwriting, body language, dream interpreting and so on. I've applied to several people claiming to possess some sort of extrasensory perception in order to find out about my future. I would definitely like to know what my birthday (July, 2) reveals about me according to this book.

Zelya, thank you for such an interesting topic! Rose

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Zelya, I got so excited over the book you're reading that I forgot to answer your question. I'm reading a heart-tugging novel "The Story of Beautiful Girl" by Rachel Simon and I'm enjoying every page of it. When I've finished, I'll write a review on the book but right now you can read what "Psychology Today" has to say about it: "Sister on the Edge of Autism".

Piggybank аватар

Oh, I'm so patheticly slow on my "Eat. Pray.Love." It seems now it's not the right time for this particular novel but I can not just dop it. And I can't be more interested in the description of people born on September, 30. I now at least 4 people having their birthdays on the same day as I do, be we seem to have nothing in common.

Zelya аватар

Individuals born on this day are enthusiastic, charming,witty, and communicative. A born raconteur and relentless networker, you thoroughly enjoy spending time in smart, interesting company. Thanks to your breezy,lighthearted manner, you are welcome in virtually in any
group. You like occupying center-stage and want to be accepted and well thought of by your friends and acquaintances. Despite a reputation as something of a social butter?y, you have a decidedly serious side to your nature.
Highly ambitious and conscientious, you possess an agile mind with a tremendous amount of creative potential.
People with September 30th birthdays are superb conversationalists. You’re a quick study, and even if you know only a little bit about something, you manage to give the impression of being deeply knowledgeable. You have impeccable taste and a keen eye for beauty. As a gregarious and clever observer of the socialscene, you should fare well in an occupation that involves dealing with the public. With self-expression and creativity as your great strengths, you could be successful in most any career area associated with writing, performing, or teaching.
You want a committed, loving relationship, yet you can be rather ?ckle in your attachments. Actually, friendship and intellectual companionship are as vital to you as love and romance. In an intimate union, you’re tender and considerate, but it may take awhile before you decide to settle down with one person.

Piggybank аватар

That's something to be introduced in my CV Happy

Zelya аватар

The book you are reading is very interesting. I like to read books where women share their stories, feelings and thoughts. It's like sharing your heart with strangers. Besides, it's always helpful to know what people do when life turns out to be far from what we have planned. I know what it means when things get worse before they get better, no matter whether we pray or not, we have to go through the dark valley before we see the light of hope. I know many wonderful women who had to go through divorce and that was a terrible experience for most of them. They felt like there was no meaning in life anymore, so they had to search for it.

What I like about this book is the use of comparisons and metaphors. So enjoy the book! Thank you for answering my question.