Why do Russians Learn English?

Today I am happy to introduce you my former student. Vera saw me three times a week for a little over a year. During that time she achieved very good results. It is not an easy job to begin speaking a foreign language when you are in your thirties, no matter how early they are. But Vera's motivation was very strong indeed and it was what kept her moving on. Well, she is going to tell you everything herself. Meet Vera.

Hello! My name is Vera and here is my language story.

I started to learn English many years ago at an ordinary Russian school. Of course the result of such learning was not good at all. Before entering the institute I had to take English lessons from a private teacher. At the technical institute again the level of teaching foreign languages was very low. I forgot almost all that I had known before. So, after ten years I knew English at the same level as I had known it at school.


Three years ago, in 2008, I met an Italian called Romano. At the time, he was working in Ekaterinburg for a foreign firm. Romano knew a little Russian and we were able to talk. I liked this man very much. We met many times in Ekaterinburg. But the day came when his work in Ekaterinburg was over and he had to fly away. On that very day we realized that we love and need each other.

Some time later, I invited him to celebrate New Year in Saint Petersburg together. He agreed with pleasure. It was during our holiday that he proposed to me…

When we decided to get married, the language issue became a top priority with us. Romano travels to different countries in his job and after the wedding I was to travel with him. So we decided that English was more important than Italian for me. By the way, Romano knows five languages: English, German, French, Russian and Arabian and of course his native Italian.

I was lucky to find Olga for a teacher. The studying was a long and difficult process, but at the same time it was very interesting. Olga’s small daughter Dasha studied with us and helped us a lot. The atmosphere was very calm and warm. One year later, I was at the peak of my English-speaking facility. I could speak, read and write in English on many themes.

During the two following years, my husband and I visited many countries – the Emirates, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia – and nowhere had I any problems with talking. Everywhere people know English. Now I can’t imagine how I could live before without knowing this language and how people can travel without it. It was a big surprise for me, when I learnt that it is normal for people in European countries to know one, two or more languages besides their native one.

Everything becomes much easier: I can book a flight, a restaurant table, a theatre seat, make an appointment with a beauty salon and so on. I feel comfortable because I can find all the information I need.

Now my husband and I are living in Slovakia and I am studying Italian with a Slovakian teacher. Our lessons are held in English. I understand that in our global world it is not only important – it is already necessary to know English.


admin Olga-ekb аватар

Vera, I’m so glad you agreed to describe your experience. Thank you! Happy

Vera аватар

Welcome. It was interesting and useful.

Wee аватар

Oh, what a story! Good for you that you've met such a teacher! Good luck and keep on progressing in our language stdies!

"European countries to know one, two or more languages besides their native one" - oh yes, so true! That is beyond awesome! I was totally impressed by the Europeans and the multiligual skills when I was in Europe! And am eager to learn several more languages, as well!

amblerangel аватар

Great work! I'm so envious! I'm learning Japanese and am a native English speaker- when we leave Im not sure what Ill study next but I definitely will study a new language. I'm hooked.

admin Olga-ekb аватар

What are the chances that it is going to be Russian, Emily? Winking