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Love is in the Air

small_window.jpgSpring has come and revealed something new in people's hearts. Along with melting snow and blossoms beginning to bloom one can feel extraordinary tenderness, open-mindedness and love. Love is everywhere: in the singing of birds, in the bright blueness of the sky, in the smiles of children.

Have you uttered "I love you" this spring? Or is something holding you back?

Parent-Child Quality Time

small_window.jpgNew mothers tend to spend as much time as possible with their babies. But sooner or later every mother discovers that it is possible to be together with the kid all day long without even noticing him or her. On the other hand, there are days when you only spend half an hour together - but what a halfhour it is! The more mature a mum gets the more fully she realizes that what really matters in her relationship with the child is not the amount of time spent together but its quality.

Наедине с книгой

small_window.jpgЯ редко участвую в эстафетах и прочих интернет-проектах, которые проводят авторы различных блогов. Но в этот раз меня зацепило: едва дочитав пост Лены, я поняла, что это моя тема. Нестерпимо захотелось уютно устроиться с чашечкой чая и ноутбуком - непременно ранним утром, когда все в доме ещё спят - и не спеша прогуляться по дорожкам памяти, собирая воедино свой опыт знакомства с книгами.