Parent-Child Quality Time

small_window.jpgNew mothers tend to spend as much time as possible with their babies. But sooner or later every mother discovers that it is possible to be together with the kid all day long without even noticing him or her. On the other hand, there are days when you only spend half an hour together - but what a halfhour it is! The more mature a mum gets the more fully she realizes that what really matters in her relationship with the child is not the amount of time spent together but its quality.

Mother and Child Relationship

Childhood_0.jpgTwo of the most important relationships in one's life are the relationship with one's mother and the relationship with one's child. This post is a collection of quotes and links from different sources. All of them have reached the very bottom of my heart.

On education

Интересные мысли об обучении и образовании из моей записной книжки. Автора не помню.

About imagination

Цитаты о воображении.

About Teachers and Teaching

Хочу поделиться цитатами из записной книжки. Автора не знаю.