Урок 1: Letters Aa, Bb, Dd, Pp, Tt (начало)

small_abc.jpgМоё решение начать обучать дочку буквам, звукам и чтению принималось долго и тяжело. С чем это связано? Во-первых, как я уже писала, я боялась отбить у неё желание заниматься английским. Во-вторых, я прекрасно осознаю всю бесполезность обучения ребёнка буквам в год, если у мамы не найдётся времени на то, чтобы научить его складывать эти буквы в слова до школы. Тем не менее, на данный момент большинство страхов и сомнений осталось позади и мы с дочкой вступили на эту дорожку. Будем рады, если вы захотите к нам присоединиться.

An Autumn Story

Ashberry-jam_0.jpgIt was autumn. The weather was dry and sunny. The fruits and berries on the trees had got ripe and were extremely happy. Their dreams had come true as now they could feel they were needed: people picked them, enjoyed their taste and made jam. It rejoiced the trees to see that children did not rush by any more but always stopped and never left without choosing the ripest apple or the reddest cherry.

Only the ash-berry tree was sad. Despite all its beauty, no one seemed inclined to try its berries. "It must be just that my time hasn't come yet", sighed the tree. 

Тематическое занятие "Rabbits"

small_Peter-Rabbit.jpgПродолжаем читать (начало здесь) удивительный сборник Беатрикс Поттер "The Complete Tales". Второй рассказ "The Tailor of Glouсester" оказался слишком длинным и сложным для Даши, и мы перешли сразу к третьему - "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny" - который является продолжением "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".

Good night, Mike!

small_dollhouse.jpegУ моей дочки есть любимая игрушка, которую она всюду носит с собой. Это мальчик с английским именем Майк. Сделав для него кроватку и сшив постельное бельё, мы просто не могли упустить возможность закрепить названия постельных принадлежностей и не только.

С днём рождения, Лилит!

Лилит (lillit1), от всей души поздравляю тебя с днём рождения! Пусть этот день, а вместе с ним и весь год будет наполнен счастьем и вдохновением. Радостных встреч тебе и больших достижений!

Гузель, с днём рождения!

Зелечка (Zelya), с днём рождения! Пусть сбудется всё задуманное! Счастья тебе, здоровья и удачи во всём!

Тематическое занятие "Squirrels"

small_Peter-Rabbit.jpg Продолжаем знакомство со сборником Беатрикс Поттер "The Complete Tales" (на эту тему можно почитать здесь и здесь). Даша выбрала собственный метод изучения, в логичности которого я уже имела возможность убедиться. Сначала она досконально изучает одну сказку: просит меня читать и рассказывать эту сказку столько раз, сколько ей нужно, спрашивает о значениях новых слов, мы вместе рассматриваем картинки. И только потом, по её инициативе, переходим к другой сказке.

Travelling with a Kid

DSC02611_0.JPGBefore our first trip to the sea I often wondered what age a kid should be to be able to spend three days in a car. A girl I know who is a mother of three said the best age to travel with kids is when they are newborn because they don't need any food or drink and haven't got any particular preferences. I lifted my eyebrows in surprise and couldn't believe her. Anyway, it was too late for me to check for my daughter wasn't newborn any more.

Femininity as I See it

femininity.jpgWhen I was a small girl, I remember looking at different women in search of a role model. I thought that if I found her, I would know for certain what kind of woman I would like to be. Years passed. While growing up, I got acquainted with a lot of different women about whom there was something I liked. One of them was gay and talkative, another always looked great wearing designer clothes and impeccable makeup. I got to know some women who were extremely wise and others who were charming in their childlike manner. But I failed to find the one who I wanted to resemble.

My Black Sea

Sea.jpgI love water. Which is no wonder for I was born under the Cancer zodiac sign. It makes me feel calm, relaxed and in peace with myself. The proximity of a river, lake and especially sea brings comfort to my life. As to an ocean, I have never seen one.

The Power of Here and Now

here-now.jpgI've always found it difficult to concentrate on here and now. Instead I tend to find myself living either in the past or in the future. Although I am well aware that multi-tasking is a myth, it's hard for me to focus on what I'm doing at the moment without thinking of my future plans or giving inner feedback on the activities I have accomplished (or, more often, haven't accomplished). One of my favourite quotations is "Take one step at a time" though I have failed to live up to it so far.

A Road to God

Cathedral-8_0.jpgAlthough I can't call myself a very religious person, several times a year I feel an urge to get away from everything and feel closer to God. At such moments 300 km north in the morning and the same 300 km back in the evening does not seem a long way to go. We pack some snacks and primary necessities and start as early as we can in order to be back before bedtime.

The road is familiar. The first landmark is so called Russian Venice: a number of houses standing by the edge of water. Then a city named Nizhny Tagil. Finally the cafe where we unalterably have dinner approaching which means we are near our destination. All along the way on both sides of the road there are woods. Sometimes we stop and get out of the car to stretch our legs and let our daughter  give vent to the accumulated energy. But after seeing a snake one day we don't go deep into the woods any more.

Envy: a Motivator or a Brake

envy.jpgRecently I have noticed myself mention the word "envy" a couple of times. It set my philological and also psychologically-oriented mind thinking. As the term is not normally very widely used, I decided to investigate into the matter.

It always makes sense to start with a definition. Here is how Wikipedia defines envy.

Blog Entry or Story?

blogging.jpgHaving become a blogger, I was surprised to find myself interested in such a thing as writing. I came to believe that inside every blogger there is a writer.

When you come to think of it, a blog entry is like a story in many ways. As a blog author first of all I have to form an idea of what I'm going to write about, then develop it, trying to keep my entry quite short. Like a story, a blog entry has to have its readers, without whom it can't be complete and whose comments add very much to its appeal.

My View of Saint Petersburg

St-Petersburg.jpgIf you don't know, I can tell you that Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) is situated on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful Russian city. Those who have been there once, always long to return there and quite a number of repeat visitors begin to dream of living there.

That is exactly what happened to me: my first trip to St. Petersburg took place when I was a schoolgirl and it made me fall in love with the city forever. After my first year at the university, I returned there with a friend.We were having such a great time seeing the sights of the city, that we decided to stay there. Unfortunately, St. Petersburg University didn't agree to transfer us. During my third stay I spent a whole month in the city of my dream and learned really a lot about it. But notwithstanding all the time spent there I can't say that I know the city inside out.

Anger and Fear

anger-fear.JPGAs a rule, a certain period in my life is marked by a certain emotion. Happiness changes sadness, energy comes after frustration and so on.

A very long time ago I noticed that anger goes hand in hand with fear. Let me make my point clear. When I felt anger for a number of days, I knew that after that fear would come and vice versa. Sometimes it felt like a vicious circle from which it could be rather difficult to disentangle myself. At other times I was gripped by the two emotions simultaneously: I might behave aggressively feeling fear inside or, on the contrary, showed fear and meekness while feeling anger. All this made me wonder, for I couldn't approach understanding the mechanism. 

Meeting your Past Selves

forest.jpgOnce surfing the web I came across the idea of writing a letter to my past self, which I liked. Some time passed and I found myself still remembering the idea and wanting to develop it into a meditation. As it is a great deal better to meditate to music, I'd recommend you to start the music you'll find inside first and only then read the post. The meditation will be more effective if you stop reading to answer each question and close your eyes. 

Meditation with Pens and Paper

pen-paper-1.JPGIt’s quite easy to relax and go deep inside one’s self while drawing. Unfortunately, not everyone can draw and there are many people who feel perplexed at the sight of a clean sheet of paper. Before I got to know this technique, I felt the same.

To draw such a picture you’ll need a sheet of A4 paper, as many coloured gel pens as possible and a few hours of time to spare.

It's too Hot

hot-soup.jpgNow I am a great fan of Indian cuisine. But it wasn’t love at first glance. My first acquaintance with it took place when I was ten and I was far from liking it.

At the time we were staying at a hotel called ‘Rajdoot’ in Delhi. My four-year-old sister and I adored the hotel: there was a swimming-pool in front of it and it was fun going down to the restaurant for our meals three times a day.

The Postbag

letters.jpegWhen I was ten years old, my father was sent on a long-term business trip to India. My mother, my 4-year-old sister and I were to accompany him.

In Delhi we checked into a luxurious hotel paid for by the employer. Everything was provided for us as we had no rupees of our own. After staying there for a few days we were to continue our journey. Our destination was Ranchi, a city in the northeast of India.