Mary, Mungo and Midge

Недавно дочка наткнулась в сети на великолепный мультик, который мы теперь обе смотрим с огромным удовольствием. Это мультсериал о девочке Мэри и её питомцах: собаке Манго и мышонке Мидже, снятый в 1969 году компанией BBC. Все серии озвучены диктором телекомпании, а роль Мэри сыграла дочь художника мультипликатора Джона Райана (John Ryan).

Каждая серия длится около 15 минут и содержит повторяющуюся лексику. Например, начало:

A town is full of buildings, some tall, some short, some wide and some narrow.
The buildings are flats, and houses, and factories, and shops.
They're built in streets.
The streets have cars, and buses and lorries driving along them.
The cars and the buses and the streets are full of people,
in fact there are a lot of people in a town.
Do you live in a town?
Mary, Mungo and Midge live in this town.
They live with Mary's Mother and Father in this tall block of flats.
They live right at the top. There are eight flats built on top of each other.
Mary, Mungo and Midge live in the flat with the flowers growing in the window box.
There's Mary, there's Mungo and there's Midge.
Mary, Mungo and Midge have a large sunny room to play in, a room full of games, picture books and toys.

Мульфильм отличается ярко выраженной тематичностью. Каждая серия посвящена какой-то одной теме и раскрывает её очень подробно. Чтобы вам было легче ориентироваться, приведу выдержки из Википедии:

Название эпизодаКраткое описание
The CraneMary, Mungo and Midge notice a crane outside and the two animals go on an adventure inside.
The LetterMary allows Mungo and Midge to post a letter for her to Grandma but Midge falls inside the letterbox and goes on a wild journey.
The BoatMidge sails Mary's boat in the pond.
PrintingMary and Mungo are printing and then go to the shops, whilst Midge travels with them to a printing factory.
ClocksMidge breaks the clock in the hall so men are hired to fix it, whilst he climbs aboard!
Mungo LostMungo thought he could go and see Mary where she went to see her aunt who had just moved to a new house, but Mungo got really lost so he decided to ask a policeman to take him home while Midge was looking for him.
MachinesMidge wonders where cows fit in the machine, but he causes chaos with all the milk coming out of the machine!
Toy ShopMidge climbs inside Mary's broken doll when she and Mungo go to the toy-shop for it to be mended.
FunfairThe family goes to the funfair.
FlyingMidge flies in a balloon in the park whilst Mary flies her kite.
The GarageMidge is left in the garage whilst the rest of the family go out.
HospitalMidge secretly follows Mary into the hospital after she harms her leg.
SeasideThe family go to the seaside and Mary, Mungo and Midge go their separate ways. Midge goes to sleep whilst he waits to use his flute.

Каждый эпизод - прекрасный источник лексики для родителей, а также готовый сценарий ролевой игры. В общем, очень рекомендую - особенно если вы являетесь приверженцем тематического подхода в обучении. Все серии можно найти на YouTube.

Mary, Mungo and Midge
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