India through a Kid's Eyes

small_India.jpgIf you have ever had a chance to visit India, you will never be able to forget it. That is exactly what happened to me. Although my trip took place over twenty years ago, my memory can still hold the minutest details of it. As I was only a child of ten, I didn't either study the Indian yoga philosophy or get acquainted with the country's cultural heritage. So, I am going to describe the facts of everyday life that struck my childhood fancy.

Travelling with a Kid

DSC02611_0.JPGBefore our first trip to the sea I often wondered what age a kid should be to be able to spend three days in a car. A girl I know who is a mother of three said the best age to travel with kids is when they are newborn because they don't need any food or drink and haven't got any particular preferences. I lifted my eyebrows in surprise and couldn't believe her. Anyway, it was too late for me to check for my daughter wasn't newborn any more.