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How to Make It Your Own

Bonnie-small.jpgWould you like to have a peek into a craft workshop? Our today’s guest will give you such an opportunity.

Bonnie Scorer, a mother of three, a former educator and a very creative person (and the one who inspired me to make autumn felt leaves), is going to share her secrets of planning crafts, arranging materials and getting children involved. She is also going to prove the axiom that creativity runs in families and passes from generation to generation.

Meet Bonnie, the author of the website “Make It Your Own”.

Art for Small Hands

Julie-Voigt_0.jpgA few weeks ago I came across a blog I didn’t want to leave for a very long time. Would you believe your luck if you discovered a treasury of detailed clear-cut instructions of how to teach children to draw illustrated with photographs of real-life works and accompanied with a printer-friendly version? Well, I couldn’t.

The blog "Art for Small Hands" is run by Julie Voigt who has taught art for over twenty-five years in public, private, and Montessori schools, both in the United States and Hong Kong. Julie has a degree in art education and her teaching experience spans pre-school children through eighth-grade. I am happy to have Julie as a guest.

The Art of Living

cameron-brooks-2_0.jpgStopping by someone’s blog, I always read the “About” page first. Here is what I read about Cameron:

"Cameron Brooks has a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and is a third-grade teacher. When he is not practicing tai chi or chi gong with his students, you may find him planting succulents in unlikely planters such as old skateboard decks, helmets, or broken seashells. In addition to writing essays and reviews for Literacyhead, Cameron is also a surfer, a skateboarder, a vegan chef, and a photographer."

I was pleased to find a lot in common. I did not only meet a colleague but also noticed some of the things Cameron is interested in attract me as well.  But there is a huge difference between us: we belong to different cultures. I decided to ask Cameron a number of questions and he kindly agreed to answer them.