Meditation with Pens and Paper

It’s quite easy to relax and go deep inside one’s self while drawing. Unfortunately, not everyone can draw and there are many people who feel perplexed at the sight of a clean sheet of paper. Before I got to know this technique, I felt the same.

To draw such a picture you’ll need a sheet of A4 paper, as many coloured gel pens as possible and a few hours of time to spare.

Stage one. Take the black pen and close your eyes. Holding your paper by the edge, draw a chaotic line during a minute. Open your eyes. If the line is interrupted in some places, piece the ends together.

Stage two. Without looking, choose a pen and begin colouring segments one by one beginning with the smallest. Take care there are no two adjoining segments of the same colour. When you get tired of one pen, choose another, again without looking. Thus every time the choice of the colour is determined by your subconscious. While you’re colouring the picture, interesting and unusual thoughts may creep into your mind and some problems that troubled you may find their solutions. As you’re concentrating on the tiny segments of the picture, the pieces of your own life puzzle may click into place.

Stage three. Now that the picture has been coloured, look at it carefully from different angles. It is quite possible that the content of the picture itself will lead you to important discoveries.


Have a nice time in the company of your self!

notjustagranny аватар

Olga, hi Cindy here (notjustagranny) I love this article. I am going to suggest this to my daughter as she is very artistic and loves to draw. I think this will be very beneficial as a relaxation technique.
Thank you

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Hello, Cindy! Nice to see you here. My regards to your daughter. Happy

Cameron Brooks аватар

What an exercise in centering and reflection! This weekend marks the start of our spring break, so I’ll begin with your meditation, then share it with my students when we return. Thank you.


admin Olga-ekb аватар

You’re always welcome, Cameron. Happy