Meeting your Past Selves

Once surfing the web I came across the idea of writing a letter to my past self, which I liked. Some time passed and I found myself still remembering the idea and wanting to develop it into a meditation. As it is a great deal better to meditate to music, I'd recommend you to start the music first and only then read the post. The meditation will be more effective if you stop reading to answer each question and close your eyes. 

Imagine yourself going through a thick forest. It is dark and you have difficulty seeing your way. There are trees all around and you don't know when there will be an end to it.

Suddenly you come out into a clearing space. It is not so dark there and you notice a child sitting on a stump. You come nearer and realize that it is you! Look at yourself carefully. How old are you? Are you looking happy? If you're sad or frightened, what worries you? Ask the child. Take your time to listen to the child's story. What do you want to do now that you've heard the story? Embrace the child, stroke her head, have a good cry together....? Don't hesitate to do it now. If there are any people in the child's story he can't forgive, help him to. It is you who is grown-up now, isn't it? So you're the one to help, not to blame the child. Now that you two have let bygones be bygones, say some nice words to the child to encourage him. You want her to believe in herself, don't you? Time has come for you to say goodbye to the child. No matter how comfortable you feel together, you have to continue your way.

The forest seems to get even thicker. Now it takes you a longer time to get to another clearing. Still, you have arrived. And here is another stump. Your eyes are searching for the child - but this time there is an adolescent sitting there. What does she say to you? How does she feel? Ask her what she is thinking about. Maybe there is something in her life she doesn't like? Ask her and you will know - adolescents don't usually have to be asked twice to start criticizing. What would make her happy? Does she feel content with her appearance? Compliment her if you find her worthy of it. If you find she could have done more to look better-groomed, tell her so. Has she encountered any serious problems she can't deal with on her own? If so, do your best to help her. Adolescents don't put too much value on words - you have to act to prove you're on their side. Have you succeeded in coming to terms with her? Excellent! Now you have to go on.

The next clearing is not very far away, but your way is not an easy one. You have to cross a river, to move away from many a heavy branches to protect your face from scratches, to go up and down numerous hills before you finally arrive. And here is a new stump. Who is sitting on it? Do you like the way the woman looks? Does she keep her back straight? What do you notice about her posture: is there weariness or assertiveness and vigour about it? Now that she has cast a glance on you, are her eyes sparkling? Examine her closely, taking in all the details. Can you feel you love that woman? If not, what stops you from loving her? Try to see her positive qualities and name them aloud. What do you feel now? Hug her, say you love her and make sure it sounds sincere.

As soon as you have come to feel love towards yourself, the sky suddenly clears and the bright yellow sun rises above the horizon. At last you can see your way clearly!

myvictory4 аватар

Yep, it's a great gift - to love yourself.

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Agree with you, Jemma. And nice to see you here!

amblerangel аватар

As a child I used to dream about buildings burning, being separated from my family, and soldiers speaking a language I didn't understand- I was terrified. Monuments would crash. I always wonder if I was killed as a child during the Holacaust in another life?

admin Olga-ekb аватар

Emily, what unusual dreams for a child! I believe it must have come from a previous life.