My Emerald Soul

Once upon a time…

That's how about any fairy tale starts, is it not so?

Well, as for me, I think it’s about time to share the part of my life which makes other people wonder, “Does things like that really happen to people?”. Let me tell you the story about a simple girl with highly unusual life. That is the real story about real people. And if this will be hard to believe, don’t worry, it can happen to anyone - you never know…

First of all, I got to tell you the truth about myself: I was a simple Russian girl from a good happy family. I almost every day dreamed of castles, beautiful life, handsome guy, who would look at least like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp at his best or who knows… maybe Channing Tatum, good, those days I had no idea who that guy was… he wasn’t known to the world. In that case maybe I would had gone to sunny California or a Miami with its great beaches, hot boys and amazing lifestyle. But wait, that’s too fast. In the beginning I had dreams of Europe, France in particular, I wanted to build a carrier, became an awesome engineer or be a big boss in a big company, all those dreams, as I know now, were mixed up with other tons of things, and one of them didn’t give me a time to relax…I wanted an adventure! The thing is, I didn’t want one that will give me a chance to go to just regular place somewhere in Urals where I’m actually from (although, I have travelled a lot around the country there), no, I wanted something completely different and amazing!

You know, while I was a child and then a teenager I didn’t have a computer, I wasn’t allowed to seat and watch TV all day long, so my real passion had become reading. You might guess where did I get those dreams of the French castles?)) It was all from my precious books about that wonderful country, about their beautiful court, elegant Counts and Countesses, expensive beautiful dresses and extraordinary life during those ages, I loved it all. But not only had the romances about strong ladies and brave knights kept me interested. On the other hand, I’ve read a lot of classic literature and, of course, one of the greatest, Jack London. I’ve got to tell you that the guy really made my book life quit exciting, it is easy to understand, he was the master of the adventure stories, no matter, if those stories were about the south or the north. Well, the north ones I liked the most,” Call of the wild”, “The Love of life”, and the best of the best – “White fang”.

So when I had come to a point in my life to pick a place to go in United States, I chose Alaska with no doubts. It seemed a place to go to. I have imagined great mountains, snowy picks and, for some reason, those raccoons washing their stinky food in Yukon river)) matter of fact, little I knew… that kind of animals don’t even live an Alaska, guess why? IT IS TOO COLD!)))

As I will continue next day, this story is dedicated to a wonderful, spectacular, the most beautiful place on Earth – ALASKA, and how the person's life can change that person, but the love of the land will stay forever...

My Emerald Soul

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